Haiti Landscape


Haiti’s Best Coffee sources its beans from small local farm co-op producers. This means we buy directly from the farmers who pick each coffee bean by hand. This “closed-circuit” relationship ensures a holistic life cycle to ensure an intimate and personal experience with our coffee. As a result of this relationship, our farmers gets paid directly with no “middleman”. We have found that this model best allow him to spend locally and thus promote the local economy and true regional economic development.

We do not maintain certified organic designation. Due to the lack of fertilizers and insecticides in the mountains of Haiti, our product is naturally untouched by any chemical additives.

Our Team

James F. Storm - President

James graduated from Rider University with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce and Economics specializing in Business Administration. He began his career working his way up through the public and private sectors in Salem City/County until he culminated as Chairman of the Board of Directors of a newly formed Port of Entry in Salem, NJ on the Delaware River.

After several years of successfully operating the Port, he relocated to the Caribbean in Kingston, Jamaica. James operated as a Vessel Operator Common Carrier and agent for Grace Kennedy and Company. He was domiciled at Kingston Wharves, Kingston, Jamaica, for 12 years. James concurrently worked in the Republic of Haiti foremother 10 years where he formed a Haitian import/export corporation, Haiti’s Best Coffee SA. After the earthquake, James domestically licensed Haiti’s Best Coffee, Inc, and began test marketing Haiti’s Best Coffee across the Delaware Valley region.

Presently, Mr. Storm, as corporate President, is expanding Haiti’s Best Coffee, Inc. and trading as Haiti’s Best Coffee and Trading Company, with partners in the State of Delaware and Delaware Valley region.


L. Michael DiVietro, III - Managing Director

Michael has spent the past 15 years as a Public Safety professional in the. State of New Jersey. Serving as a career Paramedic and career Firefighter in the City of Camden. Graduating from Rowan University in 2001 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography, with a concentration in land use planning, Michael is trained in the physical and social sciences and how they relate to transportation logistics. He has spent the last five years as a prolific commercial real estate sales agent and helping manage his family’s civil engineering and land use planning firm. Michael’s leadership as a Vice President and managing director brings a high degree of analytics and risk management to the Haiti’s Best Coffee, Inc.